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Perilous Shield – Good book. A bit too much devious scheming, plotting and mistrust for my taste though.

Perilous ShieldPerilous Shield (The Lost Stars, #2) by Jack Campbell
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Following a successful coup, the leaders of the rebel Midway Star System struggle to forge a government free enough to please its citizens yet strong enough to secure power. But in a world where former rulers have become new foes, an alien threat to humanity may turn old adversaries into uncertain allies.

General Artur Drakon knows three words describe someone who confides in a Syndicate CEO: Stupid. Betrayed. Dead. Despite his misgivings, he partnered with another former CEO to overthrow Syndic forces. Now, with an enigma fleet menacing their hard-earned independence, he can ill afford to trust her—or lose her support.

President Gwen Iceni believes Midway is humanity’s defense against the enigmas. Syndicate training taught her self-preservation in a crisis, yet she’s determined to fight for the star system’s fate…even if it means joining forces with Drakon—and an officer of the hated Alliance.

Their plan places the Midway flotilla at great risk in hopes of greater reward: recruiting the personnel necessary to man warships against the enigmas. But before facing the alien advance, Drakon and Iceni must survive hidden dangers closer to home: all-too-human threats that could jeopardize Midway’s freedom…and their own lives.

Jack Campbell have written another good book in The Lost Fleet universe. This is the second book in the spin-off series, The Lost Stars, that takes place in the universe that started with The Lost Fleet series of books. This series tells the story of a syndicate star system that broke loose after the syndicate crumbled around them.

I have read all the books in The Lost Fleet, Beyond The Frontier as well as The Lost Stars and I have liked all of them. They are well written, the physics of space and the space combat is very very good and believable, the characters are interesting and the story is keeping one’s interest. The one thing I generally have had against these books are the politics and the devious scheming going on and this book is no different in that aspect I am afraid.

This book continues the story of President Iceni and General Drakon trying to stabilize the (now) independent star system of Midway. Apart from having to stave off the remains of the Syndicate and an Enigma fleet, they also have to walk a tight rope between introducing a democratic way of governing and losing control to people not really used to the concept of democracy. Black Jack himself is also making an appearance although, even though his fleet makes an appearance, Black Jack himself is mostly referred to rather than appearing in person. Actually the book describes some of the events from Beyond The Frontier from the perspective of Midway, President Iceni and General Drakon.

The book is very good. However, from my point of view it is weighed down somewhat by the constant mistrust and scheming. Unfortunately this accelerated towards the end and the book ends in a kind of soap-opera style cliffhanger that I was not at all thrilled about. I would say that the book lost a star almost entirely because of the ending. Still a very enjoyable book though.

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