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Alexander the Destroyer – An enjoyable end to the Methuselan story arc

Alexander the DestroyerAlexander the Destroyer (Alexander Galaxus, #7) by Christopher L. Anderson
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Alexander is back where he wants to be: alone and in the middle of it with no rules, no constraints; nothing to hold him back-or is he? Marooned on a dead planet, Alexander must mine the ashes of the world for clues that will help him defeat the Methuselan’s ultimate weapon: the Beast. But outmaneuvering General Zom and the Central Council is child’s play when Alexander finds himself faced with the greatest threat of all in his own people; his own family! Alexander must overcome the strongest bonds in creation and the most destructive force in the universe to save his civilization and the galaxy itself!

This book brings an end to the Methuselan story arc of the Alexander Galaxus series of books. It has mostly been an enjoyable reading and this book is no exception to that. It is definitely stronger than the previous book which was the weakest in the series but still a good one. Alexander’s adventures continues with the same “bravado” as we have been used to in the previous books which I would say is what makes these books separate themselves from the crowd.

A good chunk of the first part of the book follows Alexander after being stranded on the old Druze homeworld. Yes he has effectively been exiled…again. In my opinion these are quite good parts of the book (not that the rest are bad though) since it really focuses on Alexander. Not very surprisingly Alexander not only solves his predicament and returns from his exile but he returns in style.

There are plenty of fighting going on throughout the book including some major slugging-it-out-sequences in space. On the whole the book is very much continuing in the same style as all the previous books while advancing towards the end of the Methuselan story arc. I would say that the end is quite satisfactory. There are some weirdness on how things are done towards the end which I was not too thrilled about and the hacking of the Methuselan’s computer systems was a bit to magical for my taste but on the whole it was a very satisfactory ending with a fair amount of surprises sprung on the unsuspecting and arrogant Methuselan elite.

It will be interesting to see what new adventures that Christopher L Anderson dreams up for Alexander. Given the title of the next book that is presented at the end of this one it will involve an old “friend”.

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