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Sacrifice: The Shenkar War – Some faults but not really a bad book

SacrificeSacrifice: The Shenkar War by Seth Libby
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The Final Proof Of Life May Be Man’s Last Days

Just what, exactly, do humans know of outer space? For generations now, we have studied about planets and solar systems, but have yet to learn “if there is really life beyond the Earth.” Just two years after the avian flu swept away half of the Earth’s population, visitors from outer space contact Earth bring dire news of an advanced alien race set on destroying everything in its path, where Earth just happens to be conveniently located.

Racing against time it is up to men and woman of “a certain state of mind” to be technologically enhanced and sent forth to attempt the impossible; slow the Shenkar invasion fleet down to give Earth time to build up it’s defenses. Join Liam Brennan, Evan Maxis and the rest of the EDF Sacrifice as they go forth. These men and woman have nothing to lose, but can they hold off the Shenkar’s destructive wrath long enough for the Earth to enhance it’s defenses? The job is nothing short of a sacrifice, but the fate of all mankind rests on them.

This is a book that I simply bought on a whim. It turned up in my Kindle app as one of my recommendations and I gave in a bought it since I thought the story was my type of story.

During the first part of the book I have to say that I was not extremely impressed. The core story is not bad at all but the writing was somewhat lacking. I especially felt that several moments that should have been real wow-moments, like first alien contact and the revelation of the coming invaders, was just glossed over. There were also silly things like when the president, in the most important speech in the history of mankind, feels he has to say something about equal rights for women. The worst blunder was perhaps the following sentences: “We, the Meshtrell, hail from our home world we call Gretle in a very distant galaxy from here. Under your current technology, it would take you 583 of your years to travel there.”. Say again?!?! A very distant galaxy would be millions of light years away. For us to get there in 583 years would mean that we could not only travel faster than light already but a hell of a lot faster than light. To put numbers in a book when you do not know what you are talking about is just stupid.

Now having that over and done with I have to say that the book grew on me during the second part (maybe the last two thirds) of the book. As I said already, the basic story is my kind of story and it is better written the further into the book you get. I get the impression that this is either a debutant or at least a very early work of this author and, if it is, then it is a very good effort indeed. Sure the story is perhaps a bit simple and gung-ho action-like but it is a fun read and there are enough twists to keep it interesting. Although predictable at times it does indeed take a few turns that was both fun and not entirely expected. I also like that, except for a few religious fanatics and the “Frenchies” screwing things up a bit the good guys have proper backing all the way, including from the politicians. No nonsense politics and backstabbing.

The book ends with a decent enough closure but also with a clear “I’ll be back” message. I hope the author continues and writes another book since I feel there is potential her for a couple of good books.

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