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Flight of Freedom – More great space adventure

Flight of FreedomFlight of Freedom (Wings of Steele, #2) by Jeffery Burger
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmond Burke…

The adventure continues – with one major difference: Jack Steele’s Freedom is no longer the wounded duck she once was. They leave UFW Blackmount Station repaired and retooled, with a complete crew, fully armed and resupplied, ready to hunt.

But life in a busy and turbulent universe is rarely as simple as one would hope it to be. This becomes painfully evident with the complexities in space as events splinter even the best laid plans at home and abroad.

Organized and motivated, the pirates are not to be taken lightly with a growing fleet of freelancers attracted by wealth and fame. In her own right, the Freedom was a name becoming famous…or infamous as far as the pirates were concerned. And that could spell disaster for the Freedom and her crew…

Flight of Freedom follows directly from Destination Unknown and dives straight into new adventures. The action is as plentiful and as good as the previous book and so are the characters.

The first part of the book appears to make a detour into a bit of a side-adventure which at first felt a bit plopped in just to expand the book but after having read the book in its entirety I have the impression that this episode will possibly tie into the overall story arc at a later point more than I first expected. The main parts of the book however deals with Jack, Alité and the UFW force investigating what has happened on Alité’s home planet, which has fallen off the grid. At this point we are indeed wondering into space opera land and a fair amount nefarious scheming involving pirates and corrupted companies are made, or at least hinted at, which I am sure will be the longer term foundation for future books in this series.

The characters are as enjoyable to read about as in the previous book. A few new ones are introduced of which I really liked Boney and his rather efficient way of dealing with some of the more despicable characters encountered.

One problem, from my point of view at least, of these unknowing-humans-discover-we’re-not-alone kind of stories is that when the first book is done and the story progresses that wow-moment and element of surprise that I really like is gone. Not so with these books. Since the majority of mankind is unaware of Jack’s adventures and quite a few of his relatives and friends are left on Earth the author manages to weave in a few more of these moments in the story with regular intervals. The fact that the government’s “Men in Black” mobsters are running around as clumsily and clueless as usual is of course increasing the probability of some violent action as well.

As a whole, this is another great space adventure book. I am quite looking forward to the next one.

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