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Searching for a Hero – Another permutation of the same formula

Searching for a HeroSearching for a Hero (Annihilation, #8) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Five hundred years had passed since the destruction of the last five major evil civilizations that threatened Creation. The Realm’s military had shrunk in numbers and most of them were used closer to home. The heroes of the Realm had vanished over time and the numbers of Royalty who still possessed psychic abilities had decreased to being almost non-existent. The ability to sense what was coming had been lost and the Realm was flying blind into a future none could see or anticipate.

The Giant Northern Mountain Cats notified the King that Creation had sent a message to find a special warrior. This warrior was needed to lead the Realm against a coming enemy that was as dangerous as any the Realm had ever faced. Peace was ending and the orders went out; the Realm began searching for a Hero.

I have to say that I was a bit surprised when Saxon Andrews came out with a new instalment in the Annihilation series. I thought he had terminated that series a long time ago. But then, if you think about it, a lot of his books have been spin-off from that book series and the tie-ins have indeed been plentiful.

I think this is a good book in the traditional style of Saxon Andrew. However, perhaps it is a bit too traditional. The book feels a bit like a re-boot of the original first instalment of the Annihilation series which in one sense is good praise but in another sense is a bit of “deja vue”. Now, me, I do like when things do not change too much so, as I said already, I think this is a good book.

Readers beware, this is indeed a “young adult” book and although Saxon Andrew have written a few book where he moved (slightly) towards the more adult audience this one is going more in the other direction. Some readers would probably call it childish. Me I like to read these kind of idealistic hero-focused young adult style stories, event thought they are a heck of a lot more fiction than science, from time to time and Saxon Andrews is really good at writing them.

Having said that, I am a bit concerned that they are indeed becoming a bit repetitive, even for young adults. I thing Saxon Andrew have an amazing imagination and is really really good at writing for this particular audience but…well…his stories are indeed getting a bit repetitive.

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