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Destination Unknown – Great simple adventure story

Destination UnknownDestination Unknown (Wings of Steele, #1) by Jeffery Burger
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Jack Steele is an ex big-city cop that left the department after losing a friend in the line of duty. Recovering from a tough divorce, he reinvents himself with a love of flying and restructures his life as a pilot for hire. Accompanied by his ever-present German Shepherd, Fritz, Jack will fly almost anything, anywhere, shuttling new & used planes for clients all over the world. He had never been a Boy Scout, but he is a man who likes to stay prepared and in control of whatever life throws at him. But nothing could have prepared Jack and his co-pilot when life suddenly goes drastically and violently sideways… in a direction and magnitude that no one could have ever anticipated. Wanted men, it seems like everyone on the planet is hunting for them and their only option is to run… but to where?

I quite liked this book. It is really a simple but great adventure story based on one of my favourite themes, hero discovers that we are not alone and goes on wild adventure. Simple, plain adventure. Yes, it is not very deep and the characters are perhaps a wee bit simple, the plot is from time to time a bit trivial and predictable and yes, the hero have a certain “ease” when it comes to getting the ladies but when you wait in an airport, on the plane or have some time to kill in a hotel room (which is exactly when I read this book during my summer holiday to Porto), it is a perfect read. Having said that, I am quite sure I would have liked this book under any circumstances. I just happens to like simple adventure stories as well as more complex ones.

You might get the impression from the above that this is a Young Adult book. I do not think it is entirely unsuitable for the young adult segment but I would still not really classify it as such anyway. It does not really have the somewhat “immature” dream world flair about it as a young adult novel would and the characters are all adult as well.

There is plenty of action, some mystery and, my favourite, revelations that aliens are for real, in this book. I quite liked the moment where [Small Spoiler Ahead] the main characters briefly got back to Earth to spring some surprises on his friends and a certain FBI agent [End Spoiler].The hero is, of course, a real hero but unlike some books he is not infallible. Well, it is pretty close, but there are enough “whoops” moments in the book to spice things up. There is little in terms of hard science in this book. The book is made up mostly of the rather colourful characters and they were certainly colourful enough to keep my interest.

Sure, the book have some rough edges and is sometimes a wee bit predictable but not really in a bad way and it is the first book in a series so, me personally, I are really eager to read the next one. To my knowledge this is the first book from this author and I have to say that it is a promising start.

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