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CV-02: Celestia – Nice reading, sets the stage for “part 2” of The Frontiers Saga

Celestia - CV-02Celestia: CV-02 (The Frontiers Saga, #8) by Ryk Brown
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

A world divided…
A ship under construction…
A military scrambling to prepare a defense…
A moment that everyone hoped would never come…

The Earth Defense Force must find a way to defend their world against invasion by the Jung Empire. More importantly, they must protect their newest ship, the UES Celestia, as she may be their last hope.

The 8th instalment in The Frontiers Saga more or less sets the stage for what you could call “part 2” in this book series. I have seen some reviews saying that this book is 85% filler. I disagree with this statement. It is true that much of the book do not tell the story of the Aurora, Nathan Scott or his friends but it does tell the story of how Earth fell to the Jung and, as I said already, sets the stage for future things to come. I am sure you can already guess from the title of the book that Celestia (CV-02), Auroras sister ship, plays, or rather will play, an important role in this future.

If the previous instalment was somewhat devoid of action this one makes up for it. This book is pretty much all action which is perhaps not so surprising since it tells the story of a planetary invasion. All of it is well written. The physics is believable. A least as much as one can expect from a Sci-Fi novel. Quite a few new characters are introduced that I suspect will play a role on some of the future books.

When the book, rather abruptly, switched from telling the story of Aurora to the past and the story of the Jung invasion I was a bit put off since I generally do not like these back flashes were you really know how it ends. At the end of the book I found myself having enjoyed the book quite a lot though. It is true that you know how it ends…kind of. However, there are still some interesting bits of information, with a probable impact on future events, in this part and as I said, it is well written and quite enjoyable to read.

This book was a big improvement over the previous one which left me rather disappointed and now I am indeed looking forward to the next instalments in this series.

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