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Forged in Fire – A huge, and I mean HUGE, improvement over the previous books

Forged in FireForged in Fire (Sarah Beauhall, #3) by J.A. Pitts
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Sarah Jane Beauhall thinks she’s getting her life in order. The blacksmith turned dragon slayer has it all figured out—little things like dealing with the political intrigue of dragons who secretly run our world and learning to wield the magic that she has been given by none other than Odin, who has been fighting the dragons for millennia. And then there is the matter of coming to terms with who she is…and how to build a life with her partner, Katie.

All these things are forced into the background, however, when a magic-wielding serial killer starts prowling the Pacific Northwest. All of his victims have ties to Sarah.
Sarah will have to unravel the web she finds closing around her as a powerful necromancer and a crazed blood cult known as the Dragon Liberation Front work to tear apart everything she holds dear. Forged in Fire is the third title in J.A. Pitts’s urban fantasy series.

I was really about to give up on this book series and it was only because I am a stubborn bastard that really really do not want to give up on what I have started that I read this book in the series. One could of course also be kind and say that I was just curious to find out where the story went and that would probably not be too far from the truth as well but I think the main reason is still that I am indeed and stubborn bastard.

Anyway, this book is really a huge improvement from the previous books. It lacks most of the whining and self-pitying that occupied a lot (most) of the first two books. Instead this one concentrates on the actual story and advances it throughout most of the book. The book starts straight off with some action which in turn have some interesting bearing on the rest of the story.

Sarah herself is much more confident and have stopped trying to hide or run away from Gram but rather brings it out on quite a few occasions. Sarah’s behaviour as well as the fact that the actual fantasy part of the story moves on at a decent pace in this book is, as I said before, a huge improvement. If the author would have produced another book like the two first ones which were slow mowing and filled with Sarah’s whining and childish behaviour then I would have dropped this series for good. Now I will probably read another book if one comes out.

The story is good as well. It revolves a lot around our two, now rather well known, dragons of course but the real bad guy in this book is a necromancer, one of Jean-Paul’s old cronies. The one thing I thought was a bit si-so with the story is that Sarah is taking quite some time, some of it not really justifiable in my mind, before she decides to actually do something about the fact that Qindra is trapped and fighting for her life, and quite a few others as well, in Anezka’s old place.

Apart from that it is a good book, plenty of magic, action and other interesting parts involving dragons and other creatures. Probably will not go on my top of the top list but it was an enjoyable read indeed. At the end of the book the author have created a quite nice fantasy stage on which to build more books.

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