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All Enemies Foreign and Domestic – Another good read in the Kelly Blake series

All Enemies Foreign and DomesticAll Enemies Foreign and Domestic (Kelly Blake Series, #4) by Rodney L. Smith
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

An age-old enemy threatens the K’Rang Empire, devastated by the almost total defeat of its fleet at the battle of G’Durin. The enemy civilization advances ruthlessly and relentlessly taking over world after world on a path cutting directly through the heart of the K’Rang Empire. A captured K’Rang ship with its intact navigation system brings the Human and Angaerry civilizations into the desperate conflict. In a classic case of wrong place at the wrong time, the Blakes find themselves in the middle of a K’Rang Army coup as internal forces vie for power. A planetary invasion and epic space battles decide the fate of four civilizations.

I was not sure whether another Kelly Blake series book was going to come out since the last one more or less concluded the war with the K’Rang Empire and pretty much felt like a conclusion. I was therefore quite happy when stumbled on a new installment in this series.

This book does not really appear to create a new story arc as one might have expected (since the last book concluded the original story arc) but feels more like a completed story in a single book. As with the previous books in the series there is plenty of action both in space and on the ground. I would say that there is a bit more dirtside action than space action in this one but there are definitely a fair amount of space battles as well.

Kelly himself is not as present in this book as in the previous ones since he is moving on in terms of responsibilities. I do not think it is too much of a spoiler to mention that, by the end of the book, he is an Admiral. This is both good since we get to know new characters and bad since I kind of liked the adventures of Kelly Blake himself. This book also feels a bit more split and jumpy between the characters but it is not really a major flaw.

I quite liked the book. Similar to the previous book in the series this is well written simple and straightforward action/space saga without too much nonsense getting in the way. Sure there are some silly politics, on the human side as well as the K’Rang’s, as always but not to the extent that it drags down the book. The author did manage to get a little bashing of the all too common selfish and shortsighted career politicians diverting military funds to their short sighted vote-buying or otherwise for their own gain and thereby endangering everyone in there though.

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