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Cain’s Crusaders – Promising start of a new story arc in The Human Chronicles universe

Cain's CrusadersCain’s Crusaders (The Human Chronicles, #6) by T.R. Harris
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Adam Cain is back as the head of Cain’s Crusaders, a small band of super-secret agents working for the head of the galactic Expansion, doing the dirty jobs no one else wants to do — or can. Adam’s latest mission to help rescue Arieel Bol, an important religious figure, who just happens to have supernatural powers … and is the most-beautiful alien in the galaxy. But when a 30-million credit bounty is put on their heads, Adam and Arieel will have to use all of their combined ‘powers’ to survive.

Back are Adam’s teammates Riyad Tarazi and Sherri Valentine, along with the arch-villain Nigel McCarthy. And don’t forget the Klin and the Kracori, two races consumed with the insane desire to destroy the Earth once and for all.

This is book one of part two of The Human Chronicles by T.R. Harris. The book starts a new story arc in The Human Chronicles universe and I have to say that this new story arc does have some promising elements. Cain is back as the badass human that kicks alien butt, and a few human ones as well. His closest buddies from the first five books of the series are back as well. The Klin and the Kracori are back as well doing what they seem to do best, that is scheming and plotting. This time with the goal of revenging themselves on the humans for thwarting their plans for ruling the galaxy.

Most of the book is more or less setting the stage for the new part of this book series. We are introduced to the new nefarious plans of the Klin and the Kracori but apart from that, the first two thirds of the book is actually pretty much an “ordinary” adventure for Cain. He quickly disposes of a crime lord in a rather spectacular way and then he goes on to rescue a damsel (alien of course) in distress. He have a few lady problems as well (not just with the damsel in question).

Now all of this was good and fun reading but nothing really out of the ordinary. I actually got a feeling of regret that the novelty and that special “thing” that made me like the other books had disappeared and that this one was just another good but not fantastic adventure story in space.

However, fear not. During the last third of the book this was taken care of and the author introduced a new twist which really makes me want to read the next book in the series. Obviously I will not spoil the book by revealing any details but let us just say that Cain’s ass-kicking abilities just went up big time. Given how many storms that seems to be brewing on the horizon I would say he is going to need it.

I am really looking forward to the next book to see where this goes. I just hope that the author handles it well. I would not really like Cain to become too much of a comic style superhero but at the same time I do not want it to become like in Jon & Lobo where Jon have these nanites that can do loads of things but always have silly excuses for not using them.

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