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Honeyed Words – Marginally better than the first one but very slow

Honeyed WordsHoneyed Words (Sarah Beauhall, #2) by J.A. Pitts
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Sarah Beauhall is a blacksmith, has a night job as a props manager for a low-budget movie, and spends her free time fighting in a medieval re-enactment group. Her world falls apart when she discovers that dragons are real and live among us as shapeshifters; in fact, it is they who have been the secret masters of our world from time immemorial. On top of all this, it appears that Sarah has managed to reforge an ancient sword that everyone suddenly wants…and those who don’t want the weapon want Sarah to take on her destiny and become humanity’s saviour.

As Sarah tries to make her way in this new world, she discovers just how little she knows of reality.  Fairies and dwarves and giants abound, the fault line of the Pacific Northwest is rife with ancient Norse magic. Odin himself appears with ravens at his side and cryptic advice for the fledgling heroine.  And the cherry on the sundae?  The discovery that Sarah’s girlfriend is from a family that has been battling these forces for generations and they look to Sarah as their last best hope.

What’s a girl to do when the powers of the world decide that you’re responsible for cleaning up the magical mess?

This is another one of those books that I have read because I am stubborn and do not really want to let go of a book series that I have started even though I might not be overly thrilled about it. I was certainly not overly thrilled about the first book in this book series. The part that put me off the most with that book was Sarah’s constant whining and inner conflict about being lesbian. Luckily she has gotten over that in this book and this is the main reason why I thought this book was marginally better.

Unfortunately Sarah is still running around trying to hide from the world that she now know exists. This makes it a very very slow book and, for me, this is the biggest fault of this book. Christ, I think 90% of the book must have gone before she even picks up the sword again! I really do not want to read more about Sarah’s childish and stubborn rage and denials. After the first book and maybe half of this one I would have expected Sarah to get on with it and start to step into the role that, obviously, have been prepared for her. Instead it is not until the very end and the last few pages that we see a glimpse of that.

J. A. Pitts is a reasonably good writer. The book is well written as such. If I where more into characters and character development than the fantasy and action part of the story then I would probably have enjoyed the book much more. The basic idea behind the story appeals to me though. J. A. Pitts have created a interesting world of dwarfs, elves and other mythical entities that is quite different from how we normally gets them presented yet he has managed to retain many of their classical features. However, the story really never seems to take off. Not only that but it ends with half a conclusion and a rather large cliffhanger. After having read through all that slow going it has to be said that getting a big cliffhanger thrown in your face was somewhat disappointing. I am quite hesitant whether or not to pick up the next book. I probably will though since I still think the story has promise and I still hope that it will start to get going.

I gave the last book two stars on Goodreads and Amazon. This one gets three out of five. I would really have liked to be able to give half stars since I do not really think it is worth more than two and a half for me.

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