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The Mothership – Okay reading but not blowing my socks off

MothershipThe Mothership by Stephen Renneberg
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

A massive alien ship crashes into one of the most remote places on Earth – cutting all contact with the region. Within hours, Major Robert Beckman and his specially equipped Contact Team are hurriedly dispatched from Area 51 to investigate. Is it a forced landing, or the beginning of an invasion – a technological treasure trove, or an extraterrestrial pandora’s box that spells disaster for life on Earth?

Infiltrating the vast tropical wilderness of northern Australia, Beckman’s team encounter strange machines, alien structures and a handful of human survivors struggling to evade capture. When Beckman’s team penetrates to the heart of the Mothership, they discover an answer they never expected and a universe far larger than they had ever imagined.

This is a fairly well written aliens-crash-on-earth science fiction story with a slight twist to it. The basic story is nothing particularly novel although, as the story develops, we later discover that the mothership is not “just” a crash-landed alien spaceship. The book have reused some of the all too standard components for this kind of book, in particular the all to naïve scientist versus the military who wants to blow the entire things up just to be on the safe side with a secret agent thrown into the mix just to make things interesting. Later on a few other odd characters are added to the group.

In all the book is well written and the plot well enough thought out and executed for me to be interested in what was on the next page. At the same time it was not exactly wow-material. The story unfolded pretty much as expected even though there were a few twists here and there. Once these twists where exposed the ending was fairly predictable and not much of a surprise.

Speaking of the ending, I cannot say that I was overly impressed by it. Naturally it involves same alien contact. Unfortunately it was pretty much the usual, you-are-not-ready, make-peace-not-war, bla bla speech, mixed up with a rather depressing it-will-take-a-long-time-for-you message and then of course some clean up and cover up. End of story. Well there is one more part to the ending but that one I cannot divulge without making a huge spoiler.

Worth reading but not fantastic.

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