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Alexander, Enigma – Enjoyable but not as much as the previous ones

Alexander, EnigmaAlexander, Enigma (Alexander Galaxus, #6) by Christopher L. Anderson
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Alexander is on the edge. As the Methuselans close in on the Galactics their fate is in the hands of an increasingly distant and volatile Overlord. Even as Alexander strives to maintain the hope of victory, his destructive genius is tearing at the very fabric of Methuselan civilization. Half a million years of ‘Elite’ hegemony is on the brink, but who will fall first the Methuselans or Alexander? Hanging in the balance is nothing less than the fate of the galaxy.

I have to say that I did not enjoy this book as much as the previous one. It was still enjoyable but I feel this Methuselan story arc is starting to become too dragged out. I was hoping that this book would be the conclusion of that particular story but instead it feels like a lot of pages are spent going not very far and then it ends in a huge cliff-hanger.

Alexanders more and more volatile, almost suicidal, behaviour is also not really something I am too thrilled about. There are still some enjoyable space battles and a lot of the book is enjoyable reading but not at the level of the previous books. I also felt that there were larger parts of this book that was spent without Alexander compared to the previous ones.

Large portions of the book were spent on the interaction between General Zom (silly name by the way) and the Methuselan Elite. Not that this was bad in any way and it was interesting to read how General Zom slowly seems to realise that the Methuselan Elite are pretty much dimwits and that they most likely will dispose of the dear General as soon as they have no further use for him. I did enjoy reading the parts with Alexander in them more though.

Speaking of the General there seems to be either some inconsistencies or some yet to be revealed surprises in relation to General Zom and the, supposedly, annihilated Druze race. I cannot really be more specific without revealing too much of the plot and I was, for various reasons, quite tired when reading the last part of this book so I might have missed something.

Anyway, the famous bottom line is that I quite enjoyed this book although I did find it one of the weaker one in an excellent book series. That will not prevent me from looking forward to the next one which, hopefully, will conclude the Methuselan story arc.

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