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The Great Red Spot – Never really caught my attention

The Great Red SpotThe Great Red Spot (Space Cadet, #2) by Christopher L. Anderson
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Cadet Alex Wolfe is back at the Academy for another semester. The Methuselan Circuit is history, but the Gaians aren’t finished with either Alex or the Academy. With Centurion Fjallheim looking over his shoulder Alex has to pass his classes, learn how to shoot his blaster under the maddeningly beautiful eyes of Lieutenant Sheur, navigate the minefield of the General Staff and meet the demanding expectations of Professor Dupree under the constant gaze of Jupiter’s cyclopean eye known as the Great Red Spot!

I have enjoyed Christopher L. Anderson’s Alexander Galaxus series quite a lot. This series, well not so much. It is not so much that this is very much young adult category books, which I quite like if it is well done, and it is certainly not that they are poorly written, they are not. These two books in the Space Cadet series have just not caught my attention while reading them.

When reading the website of the author I got the impression that he created the Space Cadet stories as kind of bed-time stories for his son and I guess he adapted a lot of thing to suit that context. My biggest gripe with the story is that, as I said in my review of the first book in the series, the young kids are way too young for what they are actually asked to do (and are doing). Young Alexander were 12 when he started the Academy and should then logically be 13 by now. Yet he is taught how to use weapons, advanced physics and so on. 12 year olds running around with guns is what I would expect from third world fanatics and not a modern society. The 12 and 13 year old kids having a crush on their adult teachers is also not something that pokes my interest very much either.

The story do not centre very much around Alexander’s progression through the academy but rather on somewhat boring political power play with the Terran president being a treacherous asshole having been put in place by the Gaian secret society trying to take over the Terran empire. At the end of the book this guy is caught with his fingers deep in the political cookie jar…again. If the author writes any more books in this series I certainly hope that this guy gets the boot early on so that we can go on with some real adventures for Alexander. I also hope that we see some progression through the Academy as well.

The book is not bad. It just was not really my style and never really caught my attention.

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