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Retreat and Adapt – Makes 9 top rated books in the series

Retreat And AdaptRetreat and Adapt (A Galaxy Unknown, #9) by Thomas DePrima
My rating: 10 out of 10 stars

Admiral Jenetta Carver, in Region One for just the second time since becoming Commander of the Second Fleet, receives a message that the scout-destroyer Yenisei, on routine patrol, is overdue. The ship’s last report ended with a statement that they were attempting to overtake several small ships spotted on their DeTect monitors.

Admiral Augustus Poole, in command while Jenetta is away, has officially listed the ship as missing, and ordered all available ships within two hundred light-years to proceed to the Yenisei’s last reported position and begin a search.

Weeks later, the Yenisei is found. Technological advances have made Space Command the most powerful military force in the known galaxy, but although sheathed with Dakinium and believed to be almost impervious to weapons fire, the Yenisei’s hull is riddled with holes and the crew is dead. The ship’s computer log contains images of three attacking vessels with a configuration never before seen in GA space. It appears that a new enemy has emerged, one with weapons superior to anything Space Command has.

This is the 9th book in the A Galaxy Unknown series. It continues the tradition of the books in this series by getting a top star rating from me. Few, if any, book series have managed to keep such a high level of scores throughout such a long series.

As with the other books in the series this is a well written one. Despite the fact that Jenetta now have advanced to being an Admiral the author did not fall into the trap of making her take the second seat. There is plenty of Jenetta Carver in this book which is the way I like it. That does not mean that she is doing all the work in the book of course but she is certainly the lead character. The infamous Admiral Hubera is gone which is not a bad thing since he was becoming a rather pathetic and ludicrous person.

Jenetta’s arch nemesis Ravenau is also back although this is mostly a side-plot that kind of tags along and although there are some interesting, but not very unpredictable, twists on the way it never really leads to much in this book. These parts feel more like a stage setting exercise for a future book. It is probably the parts of the book that I like the least. I prefer Jenetta being in space shooting up bad guys rather than the treacherous scheming of Ravenau.

Another trap that the author did not fall into was just creating an enemy that was more of the same with bigger guns and bigger ships (okay they got some bigger ships) but actually create some believable new weaponry to give the new enemy an edge without making them too “über”. The response that was developed was also creative and believable. Well, you have to swallow the author’s concept of hyperspace and FTL-travel first of course but still, it was a good and somewhat original concept.

There are of course some loose ends on which to base the next book. One of them I was not too happy about but it all depends on what the author decides to do with it in the next book. You have to read this one yourselves to see what those loose ends are though.

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