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Nowhere to Hide – Saxon Andrew continues to write enjoyable light stories

Nowhere To HideNowhere to Hide (Star Chase, #3) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The newly formed Alliance is faced with a difficult choice of either maintaining a low profile as the massive Invader Fleets attack the civilizations in the giant galaxy, M87, or joining them in defense of their galaxy. The Invaders have more than a billion two mile long Battleships and advanced technology that threatens to overwhelm the defenders. The consensus is to stay out of the fight but Dee Montgomery senses that the Milky Way will be attacked within two years if the Invaders are not slowed down in M87. The Alliance is in a dire situation and there’s not much time to decide what to do.

The action continues as the Alliance is forced to decide whether to defend the galaxy that attacked them or look for a place to move their populations. It’s becoming clear that escape will be next to impossible; there’s nowhere to hide.

Saxon Andrew continues to stay true to his basic standard concept in his books. You might of course think that this make his books repetitive and boring after a while and I guess some people might feel that way. Personally I like Saxon Andrew’s concept when I am in the mood for a light read and I think he manages to create enough variation that it have not really felt boring, at least not yet. Sure some of his books started to feel a bit repetitive and mass produced a while back but I feel that he, in his later works, have spent more time on the story and the writing itself have developed in a positive direction.

I would still characterize this book as being in the young adult genre but, having said that, it is somewhat darker and even cruel than many of his earlier works. Now, we are still talking about a Saxon Andrew book here which means that the correct characterization is perhaps that it is slightly less upbeat and optimistically heroic than his earlier books. Emphasis on slightly here. The classical trademarks of a Saxon Andrew book can still be found. Like a collection of unbelievably shining heroes, technological “just-in-time” advancements and a few bad guys seeing the error of their ways and thus enter the club of the good guys.

As I said, I do like these books when I am in the mood for a light read. They are always simple and fun reading. Sure, there are some silly things like the ridiculous rate and the whims by which people are promoted from nothing to Admirals for instance. Also, Saxon Andrew usually do not delve too much into the science part of science fiction which I think is good because when he tries to it doesn’t always come out well. Like the statement that mass was giving an energy beam its power for instance.

In any case, as you might have caught on to by now, I found this book a very enjoyable reading. The ending pretty much concludes the current story arc of this book series but leaves a huge open thread onto which a new future (far future) story arc could be spun.

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