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The Valhalla Call – Another great book in the series

The Valhalla CallThe Valhalla Call (Hayden War Cycle, #4) by Evan C. Currie
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

In The Valhalla Call we bring the Hayden War Arc that began in On Silver Wings to its startling conclusion. Newly minted Lieutenant Sorilla Aida has a new mission and new allies, gear, and support as she is tasked with a job that could ensure that the human race stands a chance of reaching a technical parity with the mysterious alien alliance.

Humans and SOLCOM are not the only ones making moves, however, and the Alliance has brought up their varsity to end the little side war before it gets out of hand. Are they really interested in humanity or human worlds, however, or is something more at play?

When the horns sound, the Valhalla Call rings out across the galaxy and it is inevitable that someone will be brought to answer.

This is yet another great book in the Hayden War Cycle (Warrior’s Wings) book series. Evan C. Currie have interesting characters, a writing style that I like, writes good action sequences and uses reasonably believable physics. The book starts fairly shortly after the previous book ended. The humans have obviously reverse engineered some of the alien technology and are not the easy prey the aliens thought any more. This does not mean that they are not outclassed technologically though but humans are quick learners and have one or two tricks up their sleeve as well.

Sorilla is, not surprisingly, one of the more interesting characters in the book and the pages were she takes part is all worthwhile reading. So are the space battles which, unlike some books, do not ditch normal physics but are reasonably realistically described. Having said that, credibility gets a bit stretched when we venture into the time-space issues mentioned during the visit at the human research station not to mention Sorilla’s experience inside the alien ship.

Obviously the humans do overcome the challenges facing them at the end although the solution was indeed a bit drastic, not to mention wasteful on both materiel and personnel. Also, I would not have been unhappy to get a bit more explanation as to what actually happened.

If I should complain about something it would be that the author used the cheap trick of suddenly bundling a bunch of climate and global warming propaganda in the middle of the book. I am never very happy with real world present day politics, especially a hotly debated one, thrown into my fictional reading, regardless of which angle it takes.

The book does end, perhaps not really with a cliffhanger, but certainly with a few open threads and with ample opportunity for a continuation. However, we might have to wait for that continuation. Judging by the foreword of the book it appears like, even though the author claims to have ideas for the series, he wants to make a pause to concentrate on some of his other books for now. I certainly hope that he will not make that pause too long.

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