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Alexander the Protector – Another very enjoyable book in the series

Alexander ProtectorAlexander the Protector (Alexander Galaxus, #5) by Christopher L. Anderson
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

The Methuselans are back with a vengeance!

Premier Lahora unleashes the dreaded General Zom on the Galactics. The cybernetic general has subjugated almost seven thousand species. He hasn’t lost a war in half a million years; with over two hundred thousand ships at his disposal Zom doesn’t intend to allow the Galactics to be the first. Is Alexander up to the task? Has General Zom finally met his match in the audacious Terran Overlord?

Alexander has his hands full, but his greatest threat may come from his own people. It’s not the Galactics; his former foes are firmly behind the Protector. It’s Terra. While Alexander was exiled separatist elements rise in the leadership vacuum. Now, in the middle of the crisis some are actually aligning with the Methuselans! How can Alexander stop the most proficient destroyers in galactic history when his own Homeworld Terra is disintegrating in chaos?

This is the second book in the second trilogy about Alexander Galaxus. In this book we have gotten past the ridiculous exile business that appeared in the first book. Alexander and the Galactics, now his fierce supporters, are fighting for their survival against the Methuselan invaders and their far superior numbers. Luckily the Methuselans are unskilled after a too long period without any actual opposition and in turmoil after Alexander having killed of most of their experienced upper elite in the previous book. This allows Alexander to give them a bloodied nose although this is, of course, not without a cost for Alexander and the Galactics.

This book is as entertaining as the second and third book of the first trilogy and an improvement over the previous book in this trilogy which was by no means a bad book. Lots of action, lots of Alexander, lots of bad guys getting nasty surprises. Unfortunately Alexander and the Galactics do get their share of bad surprises as well. Especially near the end of the book which, somewhat annoyingly, ends in a huge cliffhanger. I really do not like when an author ends a book with a cliffhanger a’ la cheap TV-show. Sure, there should be something to want you to read the next one but there should also be some sense of completion for the reader at the end of the book.

Anyway, that leads me to the downside of this book. The really nasty problems for Alexander this time comes from the asshole and Marxist president that creates loads of trouble. Throw in certain fanatical groupings that behave exactly as you would expect of them and which have been allowed to go out of control by the formerly mentioned president and you have a disaster in the making. That none of these bad elements seems to have second thoughts about selling out the human race do of course not make things any better.

I was not too happy about these elements of the book but at least they got the “Alexander treatment”, especially the president, so I have not let it influence my rating too much. It seems that some of it is spilling over into the next book though which is a shame.

Anyway, I did enjoy this book greatly.

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