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Alexander, Exile – The exile and the Terran President is ludicrous, the rest I liked a lot

Alexander, ExileAlexander, Exile (Alexander Galaxus, #4) by Christopher L. Anderson
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Alexander is back in exile. The Ascension Wars are over, and for ten years Alexander guides the Terran Empire through its perilous first decade. After ten years of peace, growing prosperity and a blooming sense of accomplishment Alexander emulates Washington and steps down from the Presidency after two terms–he is immediately exiled to Pantrixnia.

Now Alexander whiles away the time by keeping tabs on the new family of Attila’s son (the venerable T-rex has passed away), making dangerous forays into the jungle for coffee beans and hacking into the Galactics computer systems–just for fun.

After ten years of exile the Methuselans, the very race the Kempec Mystics warned the Galactics about, send an assassin to ensure that Alexander will not be resurrected and foil their plans. Alexander foils the plot and escapes from Pantrixnia, connecting the assassin to the survivors of Bureel’s rebellion. He calls for Nazeera’s help in defeating the rebels once and for all, she is after all still his wife even if she did have him exiled. Nazeera and the Galactics converge on Alexander, who leads them to a secret Methuselan factory in Syraptose space; a robotic factory that produces a fleet of robotic warships every month.

If he delays, Alexander and the Galactics will be swamped under the weight of thousands of enemy ships; their civilizations will be absorbed by the Methuselans, and his citizens, those that survive, will be relegated to a stone age existence. Alexander must act. He teleports to the Methuselan Home World at the center of the galaxy and faces the Methuselan Central Committee, but they are ready for him. Even the Terrans under Alexander cannot hope to fight off the oldest civilization in the galaxy, a civilization that encompasses a third of the galaxy. However, that’s not going to stop Alexander Galaxus from trying.

This book leaps a decade or so into the future from where the last book in the Alexander Galaxus series ended. Unfortunately it starts of in a completely ludicrous way. As the book blurb states Alexander has been exiled…again. Not only that but the Terran presidency have been taken over by some total asshole Marxist president who, of course, is about to screw the humans over…badly. The second of this plot elements is just not fun and just frustrating while the first one, that the greatest hero that Earth has ever had, who is respected throughout the known galaxy, should be exiled for some unbelievably silly reasons, is so utterly contrived and unbelievable that it is a star off just for the silly idea itself.

Luckily, the exile does not last very long and Alexander is soon back in space doing what he does best. Kick alien invader butt. This book is the first book in the second trilogy about Alexander Galaxus. I have actually read the next one already so I hope that I do not mix them up too much when writing this. The third one is not yet out.

The book continues in the tradition set up by the first three books with a fair amount of action, both in space and dirtside. Alexander is the same uberhero as in the previous books. The book sets up the scene for the coming clash with the Methuselans but, unfortunately there are also some “domestic” issues which clouds the skies. Nevertheless, true to his habit Alexander comes out on top on most occasions with more than a few surprises for the Methuselans. That is not to say that Alexander, as well as Terra and the Calactics are in deep shit with the numerically vastly superior Methuselan war machine knocking on the door. And thus the stage is set for the rest of the trilogy…

I think it is safe to say that, if you liked the first books, you will like this one as well although it is, in my opinion, not as good as the previous two due to the silly was it starts off.

Bottom line for me is that it was a very enjoyable book and, as I stated above, I have already read the next one in the series and are looking forward to the third one which, according to the book ending is due out “Spring 2013”.

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