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Prophecy of Fire – Good book, better than the previous one

Prophecy of FireProphecy of Fire (Star Crusades Nexus, #5) by Michael G. Thomas
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The fragile Centauri-Helion Alliance is being tested to the limits as Alliance ground forces under the command of General Daniels deploy on Eos, a strategically placed moon. Three complete regiments, including whole units of Jötnar and Vanguards assist Helion government troops against Dictator Lyssk’s insurgents and their violent mercenaries. Jack Morato and his comrades are thrown into the bloody insurrection that is filled with suicide bombings, improvised explosives and roadside ambushes. The weeks of battle has cost both sides many lives, but it is a battle that must be fought if the worlds of Helios are to be ready.

After an arduous journey, Spartan has finally reached Alliance space only to find panic and bloodshed. Unidentified ships attack stations and vessels with impunity, and the few military forces remaining seem impotent against such power. It is the shutdown of a number of Rifts that causes the greatest consternation, however, as entire planets are cut off from one and other. The pattern repeats in dozens of locations as the Rift generator stations power down after the unknown ships travel through them, their final destination unknown.

In the middle of all this confusion comes the great comet. This vast chunk of rock and ice appears to change course and a grand Helion fleet moves to intercept it. No sooner does the blazing comet arrive that the enemy finally reveals himself, and not a single world or colony is prepared for what is to follow.

To me this book is an improvement over the previous book in the Star Crusades Nexus series. The previous book was not really bad so this means that this book is quite good. It starts off where the previous book left of and it starts off with some action and that pretty much sets the tone for this installment in the series. This book is action, a lot of action and the political nonsense and betrayals have been toned down a lot compared to the previous one. This is of course something that, in my eyes, is very good.

The main action in the book is the Biomech attack on one of the moons industrialized by he Helios where Jack Spartan is playing a major role. This entails action all the way. Both on the ground as well as some nice space battles. These are well written and very enjoyable parts of the book. Naturally Spartan’s wife continues to be a part of the story although these parts of the book were somewhat more calm and generally did not involve shooting someone.

Spartan is perhaps not as present in this book as in some of the previous ones but nevertheless parts of the book continues to follow the adventures of Spartan and his Jötnar friend which generally means solving problems using various sharp or blunt instruments as well as those making loud noises. This time Spartan ends up on old Earth and here, at the end of the book, we get treated to some political nonsense which is used to introduce a cliffhanger, at least as far as Spartans adventures goes. Well, there is more than one cliffhanger in the book in the sense that the Biomechs seems to have just launched a major offensive which is in full swing at the end of the book.

This book felt a little bit different than the previous ones in more ways than the enjoyable absence of the political BS. It felt like it covered a shorter episode of the overall story and concentrated more on telling the story of this specific battle at and around the Helion moon. This is not a bad thing and, as I have said already, I think this book was a definite improvement over the previous one in the series.

I am definitely looking forward to the next one…

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