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This Must Be The Place – Not my type of movie

This Must Be The PlaceThis Must Be The Place by Paolo Sorrentino on Blu-ray
My rating: 2 out of 10 stars

Cheyenne, a retired rock star living off his royalties in Dublin, returns to New York City to find the man responsible for a humiliation suffered by his recently deceased father during WWII.

As I have mentioned on the main page of this blog, this site is strictly non-professional and thus, so are my reviews which means that they are coloured by my personal opinions about the movie. This is a movie which I, in my personal opinion, did not really like at all. In technical terms, there is nothing wrong with the movie. The scenes are well done and so is the acting. I am sure that the movie fulfils the writer’s and director’s intentions fully.

There appears to be quite a few people who do like this movie. At least according to IMDb as well as Rotten Tomatoes and I think the ratings are well deserved as far as the technical and artistic qualities of this movie goes. It has to be said that my dear wife liked the movie as well but then, it was she that bough it.

Me personally, apart from a few scenes, I thought the movie was quite boring not to mention bizarre. The pace of the movie was slower than a louse stuck on a patch of tar. I have watched slow movies that I liked but not this one. People behaved in a bizarre way and this guy managed to walk in to people’s homes and generally behave in a way that was just not credible. The ridiculous way he spoke every sentence, like he was on drugs, was also bugging me the entire time.

As I said, not my type of movie but for this particular movie I would certainly recommend to get a second opinion before deciding whether it is a movie for you or not.

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