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Foes – A comics magazine in the form of a (short) book

FoesFoes (Far From Home, #6) by Tony Healey
My rating: 4 out of 10 stars

Flung into a war between two alien races, the Defiant and her brave crew face the toughest fight of their lives, in a blood-thirsty battle that may cost them more than they bargained for…

As I have mentioned before, these books are indeed more comic magazines or short scripts for the next episode of some TV-show than actual books. I have continued to read them mostly because they are a bit of a quick Sci-Fi fix and I do want to know what happens next. I do so with the same kind of expectations that I would have from picking up a comic magazine though.

The author seems to have overdosed quite a bit on watching Star Trek: Voyager. The base story have definite similarities. Not that this is an extremely bad thing but it does get a bit repetitive as well as unrealistic when the ship gets, literally, shot to pieces repeatedly but still manages to come out on top as well as be repaired in time for the next “episode”. Now I really do not like the stories where the ship stays crippled for most of the time either so I would prefer if the ship could simply not be shot to pieces so often. Maybe they could just, you know, kick some alien behind without getting shot up for once.

In this particular episode the Defiant more or less lets it puts herself in a situation where she is shot to pieces and then, on emergency power, limited manoeuvrability and with her shields down, she still blows up the bad guys like it was a shooting gallery and, of course, manages to survive for the next instalment.

Still, the book is still somewhat fun to read in the same way that I still do like to occasionally read comic magazines.

The book is short, only 86 pages which still is almost 70% longer than the previous one which weighed in at 51 pages. When I first started to read this book series I stumbled upon episodes 1-3 in one volume. Since then the author have published episodes 4-6 as a single volume book as well. If I read more of these books, which I very well might since I still would like to know what happens, I will probably wait until the next collected volume comes out so it becomes more of a book.

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