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My ADSL modem/router finally works as it should no thanks to NETGEAR support which is still utterly useless.

Useless SupportYesterday I updated the firmware in my NETGEAR modem and Wi-Fi router and  to my great pleasure it resolved the issue I had since I installed a PowerLine Wi-Fi node on the network. I wrote a post about my unpleasant experience with NETGEAR support on the issue already in February and as you can see it has taken this long to resolve the issue. However, now I can finally configure all Wi-Fi transceivers as they should be. That is all of them serving the same wireless SSID and just let the clients chose the one with the strongest signal depending on where in the house I am. Before I had to have different SSID’s just so that I could make sure I connected to the right one depending on what I wanted to do.

However, I stumbled on this firmware update more or less by accident. The modem’s automatic update function told me that no update was available but since this feature have been wrong before I went to NETGEAR’s support site and checked manually for a firmware update. As you can guess there was indeed an update so I downloaded it and updated the modem. After rebooting the modem I tried cycling through all the Wi-Fi networks to see if everything now worked and indeed it did. I can now access all devices no matter which Wi-Fi network I am connected to.

Now, given that I had an open support ticket one would assume that I should have been notified of this firmware update by NETGEAR but I have received nothing from them and the ticket is still open and unanswered. I checked the creation date on the firmware update image and it is over a month old. What the fuck is that? These plonkers have obviously simply left the ticket to be ignored and expected it to self-die at some point in time. I have moaned about big-companies support desks being utterly useless in quite a few posts before and I seem to continue to get justification for that statement.

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