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Got my Windows Phone 7.8 update the other day. Works great!

Windows-Phone-7-8-UpdateI have not exactly thrown myself on the update button once 7.8 came out given all the bad news that have been flying around about live tiles being broken. Anyway, I had to connect my phone to my PC a while ago to upload a few photos that I took during our last putting with the family and, when doing so, Zune popped up a big there’s-an-update-available-for-your-phone message.

So I decided that I could just as well go for it. As it turns out, this was the 7.10.8862.144 update and this one did, supposedly, have a fix for the initial 7.8 live tile bug in it. I cannot say that I use the live tiles very much but it would be quite annoying if one of them got stuck and started to drain my battery, not to mention gobbling up bandwidth, for no good reason. In any case, so far none of my live tiles have stopped working.

What is more important, I finally got the more flexible home page with the new tile sizes. This was really the only thing that I felt was missing on Phone 7.5. The space wasted by the black bar to the right was just silly and being stuck with these fairly large tiles was really no not ideal as soon as you had more than the built in apps on your home page and even then it was on the limit. I do not like having to scroll several pages hunting for apps on my phone.

No my Windows Phone is almost perfect for me. I cannot see a reason for me to want to change it for quite a while even though the new Phone 8 ones have better hardware and more features. There’s little of the features that I care about and I do not really use the phone for anything that requires more hardware than what I got now.

3 comments on “Got my Windows Phone 7.8 update the other day. Works great!

  1. I updated to the 7.10.8862.144 version and after a few weeks the 3rd party live tiles stopped working. Changing the Background Tasks setting for each afflicted app has no effect. The good news though is that my battery is lasting longer without having to update the tiles. The weird bad news is that after unpinning an afflicted live tile and then soft resetting, the live tile reappears in the same spot and size after the initial unpinning. Uninstalling/reinstalling the app has no effect on the live tile updating. The live tile only updates after I open the app. But then that’s it no more live tiles. Those afflicted tiles with a secondary tile still flip but the information is not updated. Oddly the Groupon live tile stopped working completely, not only does it not update information it no longer flips even with outdated information, it just sits there like as a giant G even though live tiles in enabled in settings.


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