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Allies – Not really much of a book

AlliesAllies (Far From Home, #5) by Tony Healey
My rating: 4 out of 10 stars

With the last of her supplies dwindling, the Defiant must seek out new resources and allies in a galaxy wholly unfamiliar to them. Meanwhile, a mysterious attacker is revealed to be a deadly new foe. And Captain Jessica King is burdened by her own problems…

I probably would not have started to read this “book” series unless I had stumbled over the first three episodes as a single volume. Even with three episodes put together in a single volume it was a short book. These later ones are really ridiculously short. This one is only at 51 pages for instance. Sure, they also do not cost very much but the price per page is still not really that stellar.

It is the first” “book”, or whatever you want to call it, that I have read which is more or less published one chapter at a time and I am afraid that I do not really like the experience. If I stumble over one of these again I will wait until it is published as a combined book, or at least until all episodes are available so that I can download and read it in one go.

Unfortunately the story is not exactly a wow-experience either. It is very simply written and the story is more what you would expect from a comics magazine or a cheap TV-show. For instance, in 51 pages, the author manages to cover not one but two first contacts with two alien species, one which ended up in a space fight and the other one a bit more friendly. The friendly encounter can best be summarized as: “Hi guys, we’re the friendly ones. Could we come aboard? Sure why not, I’m sure you friendly guys wouldn’t have any bacteria or something like that which could be harmful to us. Let’s all have a drink together.”. Did that sound silly? Good, because it was!

I think there are some good ideas in the book even though it is in no way original but I also think it would be good if the author actually did slow down a bit and tried to get himself an overall view of the story and try to put some order and detail into it instead of trying to push out a small chapter at a time.

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