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Primeval: New World – A (very) pale copy of the original

Primeval - New WorldPrimeval: New World on SyFy (CanalSat)
My rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Primeval: New World follows the story of a Canadian team that discovers dangerous predators emerging onto the streets of Vancouver through anomalies in time.

The last couple of episodes of this TV-show was shown on the French version of SyFy-channel last evening. I have actually not watched the very last one yet. We recorded that one since the French operators have this idiotic habit of sending loads of episodes of the same series on a single night. After two episodes we thought it was enough for one night. However, I doubt that watching the last episode, which I will when I get the time, will change my mind about this series.

This TV-show is not really a spin-off of primeval but a that-sounded-cool-let’s-do-one-ourselves series and as happens most of the time this one is at best a pale copy of the original. The original British TV-show was quite entertaining to watch. This one was not. If it would have been a SyFy original I would probably have classified it as acceptable but since they have blatantly taken the original Primeval idea and turned it into a typical American (yes I know it is actually Canadian) brainless soap-opera-style B-show I cannot even say that I found it acceptable.

The story is nonexistent if you do not count the constant behind everyone’s backs plotting and secret agendas. The main characters harps all the time about how you must not disturb the timeline and an entire episode is dedicated to a load of flashbacks at the same time as he is refusing to cooperate with the authorities. But the second he thinks he can save his wife by, you guessed it, changing the timeline he rushes off to do just that.

The characters in general are mostly dumb and bungling and no one, even the lead characters, have a clue what they are doing. Evan Cross just runs around fumbling in the dark and at the same time denying all efforts to help. As a matter of fact, apart from the portals and the dinosaur theme, there is little of what made the original series appealing left in this one. It is just lazy scriptwriting and episode fillers almost like they wrote together every episode over a couple of beers the day before they were filming it. The cheap speech about climate change and saving humanity by bioengineering the past, which was obviously only put in there to appeal to the more ignorant of the climate hysterics, was really the last straw.

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