Ogooglebart – What the fuck !?!?

GoogleStrictly speaking this post doesn’t have very much to do with computers as such and nothing whatsoever to do with books or movies, all three which is supposed to be subjects of this site. But since I am Swedish I felt I had to write something about the latest monumental screw-up by the Swedish pencil pushers anyway.

Some time ago the Swedish Language Council (språkrådet) had some total mental breakdown and decided to add the word “ogooglebar” to the list of official words in the Swedish language. The word would translate into something like “ungoogleable” in English. The word was not supposed to mean that you could not Google this or that but that you could not search for it at all. This is just brain-dead. Why use Google in the word when you do not really refer to Google specifically? Also, more importantly, why introduce a new “English” word on a list of official Swedish words for something were there already exists a perfectly good Swedish word (osökbar). Unfortunately, to piss on the Swedish language and traditional Swedish values in general have become, not only politically correct, but a national sport among Swedish politicians, institutions and journalists, today.

This sad story do not stop there unfortunately. Google themselves decided to stick their greedy fingers into the mess as well and sent a bunch of lawyers down to beat up on the language council. To everyone’s surprise these morons just folded flat. I do not know what is worst. The idiots actually adding the word as a “Swedish” word in the first place or them afterwards letting a bullying corporation dictate how Swedish people speak.

I think both of these two successive fuck-ups boils down to the language council being incompetent idiots. Not that I am very surprised about that although I didn’t think they were this big idiots.

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