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Windows 8 Email App updated – Still no combined inbox…wtf?

Windows 8 Mail & Calendar AppSome of the core Windows 8 apps, like Email, Calendar & People got an update today. Well, they sure needed and update but unfortunately there are still features, or at least one major feature, that is sorely missing. According to the release details there are supposed to be performance improvements. Email seemed to be slightly faster to open but I cannot say that I saw any mind blowing differences. The people app and, especially, the messaging I do not really use so I cannot say if there are any major differences there. I didn’t really see anything that stuck out at a quick glance.

The major differences seem to be in the email app. Finally there are proper threaded conversations in the inbox. Meeting invitations can now also be responded to directly from the inbox. Off course these are basic features today which should really have been in the app from the start.

Unfortunately Windows still didn’t bother to go all the way and make the app fully usable. For instance, if you click on the live tile when it tells you that you have a single message waiting, the app still doesn’t take you to that message. It just opens showing what mailbox you happened to have opened the last time. If it doesn’t force close on you of course. Something that happened half a dozen times when I clicked around this morning to see what was new.

Another blatant omission is that you still have no combined inbox. This is really just unacceptable. Do the people working on these apps live on some deserted island or what? Microsoft’s Live Essentials email application has a combined inbox. Microsoft Phone 7 and, of course, Phone 8 have combined inboxes and tiles. Even Android have combined inboxes in their out-of-the-box email app. That the Windows 8 core email app doesn’t have such an essential feature is just a joke.

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