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Directive – More of a TV-show style short story than a book

DirectiveDirective (Far From Home, #4) by Tony Healey
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

The Defiant intercepts a weak signal from a nearby planet and Captain King decides to investigate. There they encounter the legacy of the Union’s past…and an alien mystery of grand proportions that will make them question the very directives by which they live…

This book is really short, only a little less than 80 pages, which makes it more of a short story than a real book as far as I am concerned. As such it is a decent enough short read. There is of course little space for any depth in a story this short and thus it feels pretty much like you are reading a written version of a TV-show.

The story is more surface bound than the previous short stories in this series. Actually, the entire book is more or less taking place on the surface of the planet where they found a derelict human space ship and a mysterious black pyramid. As I said, it is a decent enough read but it also really takes a detour from the main plot which contributes to it feeling like just another episode in a half-decent TV-show.

Quickly read but also quickly forgotten.

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