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Kindle for Windows 8 updated – Still not working

Windows 8 Kindle App Don't WorkYesterday the Windows 8 Store tile on my Windows 8 tablet flashed with an update of Kindle for Windows 8. No I am not a Windows 8 sales guy even though I mentioned Windows 8 three times in that sentence. Whoops, now I have mentioned it 5 times just in the starting paragraph. Anyway, given that this app was pretty much useless in its previous incarnation I updated it at once of course.

Unfortunately the app is still useless. Sure they have upgraded the user interface and it is indeed somewhat faster than before. You also seem to be able to read books without actually downloading them to your tablet. Do not really see why they spent time on such a feature when there where real bugs to take care of?

However there is still no support for personal documents and, worst of all, you still get a message saying that the book you are trying to read or download is “Not available on Kindle for Windows 8”. That, to me, makes the app useless. Again I sent a request to Amazon saying that even with the update this happened and again I got an utterly useless reply with a lot of words in saying that all books should be available for all apps bla bla bla and that I should try to uninstall the app and install it again. Been there, done that. As I said, utterly useless advice and so is the app for me :-(.

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