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On the Eye of the Universe – This series continues to be an excellent read

On The Eye of The UniverseOn the Eye of the Universe (The Demonstar Series, #3) by Dalton Wolf 
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

On the edge of ruin…

The Galactic Worlds Alliance is at war. Assaulted from within and without, the Alliance teeters precariously on the brink of total collapse, locked in a desperate battle for survival against foes hell-bent on its total extinction. Only very few individuals have the knowledge, power, and experience to pull their civilization out of the fire and put it back on the right track.

Meanwhile, unaware of all that is happening back in the Core, Baran Igashu and his team continue their mission. With few alternatives to learning the location of the Demon homeworld, Baran plans to take the team to a mythological starbase called the Gatekeeper’s Redoubt, also known as the Eye of the Universe, hoping to use the nearby, equally legendary Wormgate to travel to a place where he was once both a slave and slave master, setting in motion the fulfillment of a ten thousand year old prophecy passed down to Baran by the last dying member of an ancient race of Seers.

I am still quite happy that I started to read this book series which I really stumbled on by chance. So far all three books in the series have been excellent reads. As with the second one, this one picks of right where the previous one finished. Baran Igashu and his team starts on another journey in order to find out information that could give the Alliance and edge against the Demons. This time his team have been expanded by some members of the Alliance’s newest member, the Krogans. Along the journey we continue to learn about Baran Igashu, his mysterious past and the Demons.

In the review of the last book I mentioned that the mystery around Baran Igashu had disappeared somewhat. Well, the author managed to add a few new mysteries and surprise revelations in this book, although not all of them were perhaps that unexpected. Some of them where quite a bit on the unexpected side though and I have to say that the sections of the book where Baran’s team visits Gatekeeper’s Redoubt and the Wormgate was bordering on fantasy instead of science fiction. I hope the author stays on the science fiction side of things in the next book. I am not sure this book series will benefit from going too far into the land of weirdness and magic.

Back in the Alliance Chris, The President and the few Admirals and Generals that are still available tries to fight against not only the demons but also the mysterious internal enemy of the Alliance. I am actually not too thrilled about this internal enemy part of the story and the spying, subversion, deceit, sabotage and all these things that comes with it. I am more of a spaceships-slugging-it-out type of guy. It is, luckily, not consuming a very large part of the actual reading though. Also, the female master-assassin that it introduced was quite enjoyable to read about.

The book is sometimes a wee bit uneven. There are great parts with plenty of, if not pure action so at least things happening, intermixed with parts that are mostly diplomatic bullshit and mundane dinner discussions. Mostly the book is excellent though. It is fun following the characters and the story is generally well written. I am eagerly waiting for the next book to come out.

Oh, did I mention the pirates? Yes there are pirates in this book and with the pirates comes, in the general style of these books, another surprise revelation.

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