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NETGEAR support useless ?

Useless Help Desk 1Well, so far it appears that NETGEAR’s on-line support is as utterly useless as most big companies’ on-line support desks are today. As I wrote in my previous post I recently found an unexpected issue with my DGND4000 router/modem when connecting a XAVN2001 PowerLine Wi-Fi node to my PowerLine network. It is pretty clear to me that what I found is not expected behavior from the modem/router so naturally I filed a support request / bug report to NETGEAR. Unfortunately, and not very surprising, the answers I got was about as useful as any answers you would expect from the parrot in the illustration to the right.

The first reply was a clearly pre-cooked standard answer stating that there is “apparently an incompatibility with my Windows client” and that I should download some software which snooped around on my PC and then give them the results. Yeah right. I clearly stated that I used multiple clients including my Iconia A500. So my Android tablet cannot see my Western Digital NAS attached to my NETGEAR router and they deduce that there is an “incompatibility” with my Windows client. Not only is it a nonsense answer but the person replying obviously did not even bother to read the actual request but just scanned it for keywords and selected a standard answer. Bad start to say the least.

So I replied trying to explain that this was not really possible referring to the details in my original request. Then I got a reply that what I saw was expected behavior and that the modem was “overloaded” by too much traffic from attaching the XAVN2001. That is a good one. I attach a new device (which in itself do not generate traffic) exactly as the documentation describes and as a text-book use-case pretty much exactly the case shown on the publicity pages for the product and they tell me that their modem now has more traffic than it can handle. One could also note that I have less than a dozen clients in total that all generate nothing but interactive traffic. Not only is this latest reply blatantly false but it is also a very embarrassing answer for NETGEAR.

One cannot help to also notice that, with both answers, there seems to be some knee-jerk reaction in play which dictates that it is always the user that is at fault.

The latest answer was a totally dumbass answer saying that they had answered as they understood the situation and if this did not resolve my problem I needed to provide more details. What the f…? I replied that I had provided all the details they could possibly want, if something was missing they had to tell me what and that the product was installed exactly according to their own installation instructions and that however where giving out these ridiculous answers should, please, transfer the case to an engineer.

So far I have gotten an answer saying that my case will take some more time to resolve. I’m not sure whether this answer is simply some automated crap that is sent out after a case have been open for a certain amount of time or not. I hope the case is indeed transferred to someone competent so it is not just this moron that ignores it in the hope that I will give up.

I guess we will se what happens. I will certainly not let the request be forgotten.

UPDATE: After having pondered about it for a day and half the person producing the previous, less than useful, answers decided to “escalate” the issue from “L1” to “L2”. Not that L1 or L2 means much for an ordinary customer but I would assume (hope) that it means that the case have been transferred to someone who actually have some technical skills concerning the hardware in question and that I might get an answer that is not a pre-cooked one chosen by some keyword matching algorithm.

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