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Got an unexpected issue with my DGND4000 router/modem

DGND4000Since end of last year my networking needs are handled by my NetGear DGND4000 router/modem. I’ve been using NetGear products for my networking since I first threw out that miserable excuse for a modem that Orange delivered with their ADSL subscription. So far I have been reasonably happy with their products.

Now I have encountered a somewhat surprising issue though. The network coverage in the house was only barely reaching the far ends so I got a XAVN2001 PowerLine Wi-Fi-extender. It worked great, or so I thought. Actually the extender does work great but the modem/router itself works not so great.

I got some occasional connectivity issues that I couldn’t figure out at first. Now I have found out the reasons for my issues though. It turns out that, when the Wi-Fi-extender is connected, the wireless clients connecting to the DGND4000 can use the internet but they cannot see the wired devices on my local network. The wireless clients connecting to the XAVN2001 works flawlessly though and can see all devices on the network. That is why I only occasionally saw any issues. They depended on where in the house I was and thus to which wireless access point I was connecting.

xavn2001If I disconnect the XAVN2001 from the network, the wireless connectivity of the DGND4000 starts to work as it should again. Re-connect the XAVN2001 and the DGND4000 wireless stops working correctly but wireless connections to the XAVN2001 works fine. Obviously this is a big what the f…? I have been through all the settings on both the devices and cannot find anything relevant to change.

I filed a support request with NetGear this morning but as you know, my experience with big company help desks are not exactly stellar so my hopes are not really that high. It is the first time I use NetGear’s support though so maybe they will surprise me.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Unfortunately NetGear support did not surprise me. I have now received two answers which both where utterly unhelpful and bordering on the ridiculous. We will see if the person giving the answers finally transfers the request to someone actually having a clue or not. My hopes are not high. I have the feeling another of my ranting posts are in the making…

15 comments on “Got an unexpected issue with my DGND4000 router/modem

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  2. Killhippie

    Known issue with both the 3700v2 and DGND4000 rumour has it a beta firmware you can get from netgear cures this issue.


    • I have same issue with DGND4000 and Airport Express (plus another AP Netgear).
      When connected to the airport express or netgear AP, all the wired devices are accessibles.
      When connected to the DGND4000 (both channels), all my wired devices are unaccessibles…


      • Actually, I finally got past the useless first level support and got a reply from their “Level 2 support” technicians.

        It still took quite a few messages back and forth where I had to re-explain my problem several times but after about three months of waiting they sent me a new firmware for the DGND4000 last Thursday which I installed over the weekend and this seems to have resolved the problem.

        I am not impressed by Netgear support, especially the fact that their first level support actually tried to tell me that this was intended behavior and my modem was “overloaded from too much traffic”, but at least it appears my problem has now been resolved.


        • Same issue here. Be interested to know what the firmware revision was that fixed the issue on the DGND4000.


          • At first it appeared like it did fix it but unfortunately it appears to come back every now and then. A reboot of the modem fixes it but quite frankly I would not recommend this modem.

            The firmware revision that appears to fix it (some of the time) is V1.1.00.14_1.00.14_t2.


  3. I had the same problem – to resolve it is easy. Go to Advanced, click on Setup, go to Lan, and hit apply. This clears some or other cache, and lo and behold everything works again. A clear bug in the firmware of this otherwise good device.


    • Well that might work. It also works just hitting reboot but the problem with these solutions are that they are just temporary. After a while the problem is back again. At least that was the case for me.

      In any case, I “solved” the problem by dumping the DGN4000 altogether and getting a R7000 Nighthawk instead. Whether or not it has the same bug I do not know but it has enough WiFi power to cover the entire house without having to resort to using XAVN2001 at all so the problem is simply not existing any more.


  4. Fantastic – I was baffled why mine keeps freezing, and come to think of it, it was ever since i started using homeplug. Now on my second router, the same problem. Netgear support, useless. They also wont release the firmware to me. I need the homeplug as I stream a lot of data round the house, I also know if i get fed up the cheap router from my ISP actually works fine. Not impressed with netgear recently


  5. p.s. Anyone tried a third party firmware such as Tomato?


  6. Stephen Lee

    Hi Per do you have the firmware as I would like to try it out


    • I moved away from this modem quite a while ago so I have no idea what is the latest firmware but I never really used anything that did not come from Netgear so I would suggest contacting them.


      • Hello Per, i’ve bought this DGND4000 a couple of months ago and unpacked it a last week, and since then i’m having a terrible issues, it takes like 15-20 minutes to acquire an IP from my ISP while my old DG834G takes like 30 seconds to acquire IP, and even when it acquires the IP and internet is not working fine like facebook doesnt load any images and so on, i’ve been in contact with netgear support for 3 days with no updates they are asking silly questions and i feel they are only wasting time.


        • Hi,

          I never had a problem with acquiring an Internet connection. I “only” had problems with the local LAN and how it handled their own extenders as mentioned in the post above.

          Having said that I ditched both the DGN4000 and ADSL quite a while ago. I’m now on fiber and using a Nighthawk AC1900 router. Which works excellently. I have coverage of the whole house without using an extender and get about 700 Mbps between the router and my Surface tablet. (The fixed installations are using Powerline 1200).


  7. I’ve been using NetGear products for my networking since I first threw out …


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