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Did someone at Baen jump the gun? Honor Harrington – Shadow of Freedom is available for download.

Shadow of freedoom downloadI was browsing the Baen e-book site the other day and to my surprise I found that David Weber’s latest Honor Harrington, Shadow of Freedom, was available for download. I was surprised since it was not expected to be available until next month. Shadow of Freedom publication date in the futureNot only that but the book’s page on Baen’s site actually say that the publication date is the 15th of March which, the last time I looked, is almost a month from now. Did someone at Baen jump the gun? Baen’s books are supposed to be generally available on Amazon as well now, except the e-ARCs that is, but there are no trace of it on their site.

Anyway, I am about two thirds done with my current book, Vortex (Sten, #7) so I quickly bought and downloaded a copy from the Baen site. A nice DRM-free (are you reading this Amazon?) epub file. Now I have to decide whether I am going to read that one after I finish Vortex or if I am going to read the third book in The Demonstar Series as I originally had planned. Decisions decisions…

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