Book Bazaar Reader – A simple book reader for Windows 8 that works (unlike the Amazon one)

Book Bazaar Reader 4I have been harping about the surprising “crappiness” of the Kindle App for Windows 8 in two previous posts so I thought I should write a post about this book reader, Book Bazaar Reader, to get back on a more positive note. It is true that the Windows 8 app store is not yet as large as the Android or Apple ones but nevertheless there are already a fair amount of useful apps there. After having tried most of the Windows 8 e-book readers currently available I finally fell for using the Book Bazaar Reader. Freda was my second choice and I actually still have that one installed.

Why did I go for Book Bazaar Reader then? Well, it because it is simple, yet it does what I want, it is fluid and responsive and it just works unlike some apps that have been mentioned once or twice on this site. Once installed you can just click on a epub (or mobi or fb2) file and it will be imported to the apps book library. Or you can import it from inside the app either from the file system or via a URL.

The app has a clean and simple user interface. You can juggle any number of “currently reading” books unlike many apps that, at most, shows you the books in last read order. The one improvement that would be nice to have would be a way of organizing you books by being able to set your on tags on them. As it stand today you can only group them by author or by genre and in the latter case it uses the tags inside of the file itself. You cannot do any tagging yourself.

Book Bazaar Reader 3The actual reading experience is great. At least for me. I was quickly able to set the right layout, font sizes and margins for me. Many reading apps wants to decide themselves when they go into two-column reading mode or not based on the font size. I hate that since I generally want larger font size than what is set as the threshold for forcing the reader into single-column mode. I had no such problems with this app. I got what I asked for.

Book Bazaar Reader 5The presentation of the pages are done in a quite pleasant slightly 3D look. One can of course choose the color of the “paper”, font etcetera. Page turning are, by default, done using a 3D-animation that makes it look like you are turning a real book page. Normally I turn such features off since it is generally slow and distracting. Not so on this app. It is really fast and fluid and gives a nice illusion of actually reading the old-fashioned way. Heck, turning pages with the animations on is still faster in Book Bazaar Reader than in the Amazon crap-app.

The app is free but ad-supported. The ads are not very intrusive but you can get a ad-free version for 3.99 Euro’s. It is probably less if you are outside of the reach of the tax-greedy politicians in the European Union. After having used the app for a few weeks I happily forked up the 3.99 Euros for the ad-free version.

3 thoughts on “Book Bazaar Reader – A simple book reader for Windows 8 that works (unlike the Amazon one)

  1. Es fenomenal, cubre todas mis expectativas, solo echo en falta poder elegir la el disco,carpeta o ubicacion donde gardar los libros, ya que obligatoriamente ha de ser la unidad C:.
    Muchas gracias por un trabajo bien echo.


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