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Head of The Dragon – The Frontier Saga continues and it continues to be good reading

Head of The DragonHead of The Dragon (The Frontier Saga, #6) by Ryk Brown
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Time is running out…
An ally has all but fallen…
Resources are running low…
The time for attack has come…

The Alliance must strike deep into the heart of the empire.
This time, the Aurora will be going home, or going to her grave.

This is the 6th book in The Frontier Saga series and it is pretty much up to the same standards as the other ones which means that it is a quite good read. It starts right from where the previous one left off by going straight into action by boarding the disabled enemy cruiser.

The book pretty much concludes the sub-part of the main story arc that deals with the Corinari uprising and the overthrowing of emperor Caius and the Ta’Akar empire. In the process we finally learn who Tug really is. I cannot say that it was a total surprise but it was a still nice resolution of that thread. After the initial action there is a bit of a lull when our friends are making their plans and preparations for the final battle but the pace picks up quite nicely again once the final action starts.

The Aurora gets totally shot up again which is a bit annoying. It is actually a bit unrealistic how much punishment that ship is absorbing and still manages to get patched up again. I would say the Aurora is suffering from the Star Trek Voyager syndrome. Having said that I like the realistic approach that Ryk Brown have taken in that he realizes that the construction of interstellar cruisers and battleships is a major undertaking, even for a interstellar empire, and thus there are not thousands of them around but only a few and the loss of a couple of them is a major blow to the war faring capacities of the unlucky party.

With the Corinari story concluded, at least this is what we are led to believe, the Aurora will continue her journey back to Earth. The author claims that there are 15 episodes planned in The Frontiers Saga so it remains to be seen if they actually get back to Earth to kick some Jung behinds or they will get stalled on some new adventure. One thing I didn’t really like was that, in their rush to get going, refused to stay another few weeks and get some advanced shielding and weaponry installed. Given the unexpected events that they have already suffered, to not grab such an advantage is just silly.

Anyway, my complaints are quite minor and I am already looking forward towards the next installment in the series. The crew of the Aurora have developed substantially since their departure from Earth so regardless of whether they actually get back to Earth to help defend it from the Jung or embark on a new adventure it will be interesting to see what Ryk Brown comes up with to keep the interest going. Personally I really would like to see them coming back to Earth and not only kick some Jung behinds but also some of those dumbass politicians back home. If not in the next book so at least before the series ends.

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