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The Lost Prince – A new series and an enjoyable read from Saxon Andrews

The Lost PrinceThe lost Prince (Star Chase, #1) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The worlds in the Orion Nebula had been planning rebellion against the Galactic Union for more than a hundred years. Now the rebellion has started with a sneak attack against the Royal Family on Euclid. The planetary defenses were temporarily suppressed and the attack on the Royal Palace killed everyone including half of the invaders. But one member of the Royal Family wasn’t in the palace when the invaders struck.

The Nebula chose their most powerful warrior to find him. There was little chance of the Prince escaping the Dark Officer. He was a High Genetic and possessed unique tracking skills. The only question was how many were going to die before he was successful.

What the Nebula and Union didn’t know was that all of them were at risk of being destroyed and the Prince was the only one that could save them. Would they find out in time? The action is nonstop in Star Chase as the Prince runs to save himself and the Union.

With this book Saxon Andrews starts yet another book series and, again, it is a good start. When reading the previous series I didn’t really get the feeling that all of them was really concluded so I hope he is not trying to do too many things at once but, anyway, about this particular book…

As I said, it is a good start, a really good start. I have criticised quite a few of Andrew Saxon’s books for them quickly going way out of scale with millions and millions of ship and worlds, even entire galaxies, being destroyed from one page to another. I was very happy to see that, in this book, this is really dialled back a lot. It is a new story that has nothing to do with his previous stories about the Star Realm (Annihilation, Ashes of The Realm) nor with the Lens of Time series. In this book we follow a few, emphasis on a few, people on their road to adventure and our heroes only have a few ships at their disposal. This makes it a lot easier to get close and care for the main characters than in some of his previous books.

As usual Saxon Andrew’s books are appealing to, or at least suitable for, a young adult audience. There is little in terms of hard science in these books. The story is swift and filled with action and the obligatory romance. There is the usual simplicity and naivety where good guys are really good and the “baddies” get turned from bad to good with a few seconds of “explaining” by the heroes.

In short, this is a classical Saxon Andrew book and will appeal to everyone that liked his previous work. I would say that this book is indeed better than some of his latest books before this one. It feels more worked and not so rushed as those books.

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