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Surface Pro storage (or lack thereof) – Someone at Microsoft needs a reality check

Microsoft SurfaceI’m sure most people have already heard about the latest batch of complaints about the available Microsoft Surface Pro storage after the OS have gobbled up its share of the physical storage on the machine. It started with the Surface RT where the OS took 16 out of 32 Gb. Now that I’m not very surprised by and those complaining should get themselves a bit of a reality check of their own.

However, the official figures for the 64 Gb Surface Pro is that it will only have 23 Gb left upon delivery. Apparently this is what a company spokesperson have stated:

The 128 GB version of Surface Pro has 83 GB of free storage out of the box. The 64GB version of Surface Pro has 23GB of free storage out of the box.

Now that sounds just outrageously bad. I am the happy (yes happy!) owner of an Iconia W510 tablet with a full Windows 8 install running old desktop apps and everything. It has replaced my previous Android crapware. I have installed a dozen “Modern UI” apps and half a dozen desktop apps gobbling up memory. In addition I’ve synced a few Gb of SkyDrive files onto the tablet using the desktop SkyDrive app. After having done that I still have more than 23 Gb of free space on my tablet and I still have the option of creating a recovery USB stick and removing the recovery partition from the tablet which would give me back around 10 Gb.

So why do Microsoft’s own product have so much less memory? I have to admit that I have never laid my hands on a Surface tablet (yet) so I don’t really know what they have pre-installed on it. I wouldn’t have thought that Microsoft would install much in terms of third party bloatware. Maybe they have installed the 64 bit version of the OS (the W510 have the 32-bit) but that simply do not make sense on a 4Gb machine. It would just weigh it down in more ways than one.

The bottom line is that Microsoft needs to get a reality check. If they wanted to start doing hardware because they state their partners where not making good enough products then it seems a bit embarrassing that said partners, in this case Acer, have a more storage efficient install of the OS than Microsoft itself.

Microsoft have already shown an attitude of being disconnected from reality, even being arrogant, when removing the start menu for absolutely no good reason and shipping Windows 8 with half-baked built in apps for basic functions. This appears to be another show of poor judgment which hints that someone in Microsoft needs to get down from the clouds and get himself a reality check. Windows 8 is really a great OS on a tablet (I will probably make another post about that now when I have more experience with my own Windows 8 tablet) but they keep botching it up with poor decisions.

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