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The Trilisk AI – Fairly weak and not much science really

The Trilisk AIThe Trilisk AI (Parker Interstellar Travels, #2) by Michael McCloskey
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars.

Telisa Relachik studied to be a xenoarchaeologist in a future where humans have found alien artifacts but haven’t ever encountered live aliens. Recruited by a group of artifact smugglers, Telisa endures deadly opposition on her first expedition and comes out an experienced explorer. Struggling to sell the artifacts found on their expedition to the Trilisk ruins, Telisa and Magnus fear reprisal by the world government.

Because of their harrowed existence, they are receptive when the alien they call Shiny resurfaces and offers them the chance to scavenge his war-torn homeworld. Their obstacle: Shiny’s robotic nemeses, the Bel Klaven. Telisa and Magnus feel up to the challenge, but does Shiny have a hidden agenda?

Meanwhile, a new team forms to hunt down the smugglers…

I found this book to be a rather weak one. I wasn’t too thrilled about the first one and it took me quite some time before I picked up the second one in the series so I wasn’t exactly surprised that this one didn’t blow my socks off.

My main issues with the book is that the science is either non-existent or nonsensical and poorly explained and there is not really any consistent plot or direction. Whatever plot is there is somewhat unbelievable, mostly quite shallow and not very intelligent. This is pretty much the same criticism that I had with the first book so, as I said, it is not a surprise.

It is still a mildly entertaining book though so if you are not very interested in the science side of it and can accept its weak plot then you probably find it to be an okay read. The author made a comment on Amazon that this is not a trilogy but a ongoing series thereby implying that there is no defined end at this point so this is perhaps why the story do not really seem to have much direction and gives the impression it is really made up as the book is written.

It gives the book a feeling of being written as a story for a cheap TV series though.

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