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Legend of the Sword – Very enjoyable read

Legend of the SwordLegend of the Sword (In Her Name: The Last War, #2)  by Michael R. Hicks
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Six months have passed since the Kreelan Empire attacked the human sphere in “First Contact.” Earth and many other human worlds have banded together in a new interstellar government.

The planet of Saint Petersburg, however, would rather see the Confederation destroyed. With a secretly built navy, they have lured the Confederation fleet into a trap, even as the Kreelans prepare another attack.

I was actually not overly thrilled about the first book in this series. It was still good enough for me to want to try and read another one though. After all I really hate starting on a series and not finishing it. In this case I was rewarded with a pleasant experience.

This book was really enjoyable to read. As I mentioned in my review of the first book, there’s a lot to like in this book series. There are plenty of action, both in space and on the ground, an alien invasion of giant blue amazons and some interesting characters. As in the first book the action, the fleet maneuvers and science in general are quite well written and generally believable. Well the believable part starts to get a bit thin when these überwarriors and priestesses of the Kreelans gets going of course.

I was really bugged by the Kreelans and their mysterious ways in the first book which led me to give it a less than stellar rating. I’m still bugged by them in this book but not so much as before. Part of this is probably because I knew what I was getting this time so it was not as much of a surprise as in the previous one.

The thing that really annoys me though is that these Kreelans could crush the humans like they were insects but they have chosen to downgrade their technology for a more “honorable” fight while, at the same time, they are looking for their mythical savior. I’m still not super thrilled by this background story but okay…I go for it. But then, every time the humans seems to get some upper hand, the Kreelans cheat and bring out some super technology, or downright magic, to neutralize this advantage. What the f…?

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed this book more than the first one. It is really well written, as was the first one, and with plenty of action. I’m looking forward to read the next one now. Much more so than after the first one.

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