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My new tablet, so far so good

Acer Iconia W510 - 3Since I have only owned my new Windows 8 tablet for one weekend it is really somewhat early to make some in depth comments about it. However, so far so good. For the short time I have been using it I have not really been disappointed.

It is a lot snappier that my Iconia A500, especially the browser which also does not crash or in some other way fails to render a page like the Android crapware did. For the first time since I started to use a tablet in front of the TV I was able to spend an entire evening without something hanging or crashing and force closing. The Windows 8 OS, even though it has more or less just been released, is really far from that beta quality crap from Google.

It is clear that Windows 8, at least the so called Modern UI, is made for running on a tablet. It did not really take much time to get used to the touch gestures which, to me, are really natural and fast to use. So much that when I tried to use my old Android tablet again I got really frustrated since I kept trying to swipe down to close an app etc. even though I had only used my new tablet for a weekend and the old one for over a year before.

Sure, the app store is a wee bit empty for the time being but I could still find most of the stuff that I really needed. It would be nice to have an IMDb app for instance, and a few other apps, but it is not a major thing. Since there is a fully functional, and fast, browser with this tablet you don’t really need apps for the sites that have a decent web-interface. In addition to that you can also run all the existing Windows applications. Something I appreciate a lot and the first thing I installed was the desktop version of SkyDrive so I could get my documents synced locally on the tablet.

Acer Iconia W510 with keyboard dockUnfortunately this tablet is only sold in Europe with a keyboard dock. This is probably not a bad idea for people that might use the table professionally but for me it was a completely unnecessary additional cost since I will never use a keyboard with my tablet. Especially not this one since it has that silly French keyboard layout. Well, I still felt that it was good value for the money so…

If I should mention one thing I got a bit of gripe with it would be the Kindle app for Windows 8. It seems like it is rushed out the door and it is not as slick as the Android one. I already mentioned in a previous post that it lacks support for Kindle Personal Documents. There is also no way of organizing the books. It is just one long flat list. Worst of all, it is quite sluggish when turning pages. That is really sloppy of Amazon. Given that everything else is a lot faster on the new tablet it is obvious that Amazon’s developers did a slop-job with this app.

Anyway, so far I’m quite happy. Hopefully there will be an upgrade to the Kindle app and I’m sure there will be more apps in general coming to the Windows 8 store when people start to realize how good Windows 8 actually is when put on a tablet.

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