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Got my tablet . . . and a Pizza

Pizza ChefWell…the tablet and the pizza are not really connected. I just bunched the two things together in one post since they are both related to recent events.

Yesterday my wife managed to get the time to go to this crummy, almost-never-open, post-office to pick up my “delivered” tablet (I wrote about the postal service’s idea of delivery in this previous post) and today we made a trip to Divonne les Bains, despite the lousy weather, to look for a present for my mother’s birthday and we took the opportunity to go to our favourite little Italian food place for a nice lunch. The kids were happy of course. With the pizza that is. They were less happy having to go shopping. Especially since the weather was alternating between wet cold snow, and even more wet cold snow. We found a suitable present in the end and I have to agree with the kids that the pizza was nice and it was warmer and cozier inside the restaurant than outside.

Acer Iconia W510 - 2Otherwise I have, not very surprisingly, spent most of the time since I came home from work last evening playing…ehh…I mean “configuring” my new tablet. So far I’m quite happy with it. It’s certainly snappier than my old Android crapware despite it “only” having a Atom processor and contrary to said crapware everything really works so far. The browser doesn’t croak on every other web site i visit for instance. It’s also a real Windows OS, not some phone OS on steroids. The first thing I installed was the Desktop SkyDrive application to sync my documents and my book and movie library applications. All of them full Desktop applications which worked flawlessly on the tablet.

I’ll probably write another post on my tablet experience when I have spent some more time with it.

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