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Windows 8 tablet in the mail . . . I hope.

Acer Iconia W510Well, I’m not sure if it’s really in the mail yet but I decided that I wouldn’t wait another half-year or so before some useful, as in having decent battery life, i5 or i7 equipped Windows 8 tablet actually became available so a couple of days ago I ordered the Acer Iconia W510 tablet that I had my sights set on. Unfortunately Amazon did not yet have it stock so I ordered it from FNAC instead and it seems their on-line shop is not as accurate in their information as the Amazon one.  FNAC is a French site and company so it doesn’t surprise me but still….

When I ordered it they claimed that they had 7 of them in stock. However, when they had cleared my credit card the status said that they had ordered it from their supplier. If they had them in stock why did they have to order them? Now they claim it has been shipped but their estimate of delivery is between the 16th of January and 6th of February. What the f…? That’s 3 weeks! On top of that I can’t track it until from the 20th of January. That’s just crap. The original estimate, before I clicked buy was for the 14th of January. I think I’ve been screwed by some less than honest sales practices on their site.

Well, it’s ordered at least so I hope it gets delivered soon.

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