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Serenity – Why the stellar ratings?

SerenitySerenity by Joss Whedon on CineFX (CanalSat)
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars.

When the renegade crew of Serenity agrees to hide a fugitive on their ship, they find themselves in an action-packed battle between the relentless military might of a totalitarian regime who will destroy anything – or anyone – to get the girl back and the bloodthirsty creatures who roam the uncharted areas of space. But, the greatest danger of all may be on their ship.

This film puzzles me. It has received a rating of almost 8 on IMDb and that’s really high for a film of this type. I simply do not understand why. The film is an extension of a TV-show, FireFly, and to me it really shows. The movie is clearly a TV-movie. The plot is nothing to write home about, the acting is TV-quality and the special effects are generally substandard.

I have not seen the original TV-show but I wonder if it’s mostly die-hard fans that have been voting for this movie? If this would have been a SyFy-channel production I would have been positively surprised. However it is not and with the rating this movie has received I have to say that I am quite disappointed instead. It really feels more like it should have been a double-episode of the original TV-series. As such I would probably consider it a decent episode but nothing more.

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