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Finally managed to get new SIM card from Orange

Nokia Lumia 610One of the Christmas presents I got for my dear wife this Christmas was a new phone. Something she had on her wish list. Naturally, when buying a new phone today, it’s going to be a smartphone and just as naturally (for me at least) it’s a Windows Phone. Apple’s iCrap was, of course, never an option and the Android v4 OS that I have on my tablet is really too buggy so it was not really a difficult choice.

The only thing that made me hesitate was the fact that Windows Phone v8 was just coming out but there was few models actually available. Mostly it was high-end models which where too large for my wife’s taste. So the only choice that I could get my hands on before Christmas would be a v7.5 one and those will never be upgradable above v7.8. Well, my wife is not a computer or gadget person so she really do not care about a lot of features. She just want to be able to make phone calls, send SMS and might possibly download Le Figaro’s app to read it when the mail screws up the delivery of the paper version. Thus she probably will be happy with v7.5/7.8 for quite a while. She cares more about the phone not being big and clunky and that she doesn’t have to recharge it too often.

So I decided to go for a Nokia Lumia 610. Mostly because, apart from being a Windows Phone, Nokia has a good quality reputation, it’s a nimble size and it has one of the best battery lifetimes of any of the Windows Phones.

Double Carte SIM orangeNow what was that about the SIM card? Well the new phone uses a micro-SIM where the old one had a old-fashioned mini-SIM and it was one of these old ones where you cannot simply punch out the micro-SIM part so we had to get a new one. I though that would be easy. But unfortunately I had forgotten what total crap on-line as well as phone hot-line service that Orange has. It’s truly a joke.

Their site proved to be totally useless. Why are so many French sites next to useless? French CanalSat’s site is also a joke for instance. Anyway, something as simple as request a replacement SIM-card is not available and it’s not even mentioned anywhere on their support pages or FAQ. Their phone hot-line is totally automated and also totally useless. After having finally reached what we though was the right option we were told to use a fix line for this particular service. What the f…? When we tried to use their phone number for fixed lines we got a set of more or less random answers from their keyword based automated service. It was like talking to someone in a Monty Python sketch except that you never got to actually talk to a real person.

In the end, last Friday, we went to the Orange shop in Val Thoiry where they finally could supply us with a new SIM-card. I had to sign for it three times and show my passport despite having my “confidential code” as well as a recent bill with me. Sheez :roll:.

Well, at least, now she finally has a modern phone where she can do the basics such as reading emails, simple web browsing etc. Maybe she gets so much into these things that she asks for a table next Christmas :-)?

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