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Vorpal Blade – Still not really thrilled

Vorpal BladeVorpal Blade (Looking Glass, #2) nu John Ringo
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

William Weaver, PhD. and SEAL Chief Adams are back and Bill got himself a ship! The former SSBN Nebraska has been converted, using mostly garage mechanics and baling wire, into a warp ship ready to go “out there.” But as everyone knows, the people who really are going to bear the brunt are the poor Security guys, Force Recon Marines who are kept in the dark and fed manure all day. That is until they land on an alien planet, get partially wiped out and then load back up again. The monkeys are out in the space lanes and ready to rock. As soon as they get another roll of duct tape.

Unfortunately this book series by John Ringo didn’t improve with the second book in the series. The characters and the action are still written in the John Ringo style which of course is a good thing and it’s essentially what makes the book worthwhile to read.

The story however, is just so implausible that it drags down a lot of the book. The Higgs Boson nonsense continues of course but that would be expected since it’s pretty much the foundation for the “science” in the series. It’s still as much science as flying pigs though but since I knew what I could expect it wouldn’t have bothered me if that was the only issue.

However, in the last book, the humans where almost invaded and conquered, possibly on the brink of extinction. Yet, in this book, instead of starting a massive space program, they cobble together a spaceship from an obsolete navy submarine. Submarine in space? What the f…? They even built it in secret because the humans still seems to engage in petty politics and national secrets. This is just not believable.  The science also continues to be nonsensical. For instance, in one place it is mentioned that it’s really cold in space so the heat collected should dissipate quickly when they stop to “chill”. Christ, there’s also vacuum in space. Heat does not dissipate quickly in vacuum.

Then there’s the issue of some dickhead having censored the colorful language in the book as I mentioned in this post earlier. Normally not a big deal but it was really annoying in this book.

As I mentioned above, the characters and action is still in the John Ringo style. I’m also interested in knowing where the story goes in the end. There’s some loose ends, especially one concerning their “stardrive” that I’m quite keen on seeing what’s happening to so I’m going to read the series to the end but I definitely have liked the other works by John Ringo, that I’ve read, more.

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