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Into the Looking Glass – Not really thrilled

Into the Looking GlassInto the Looking Glass (Looking Glass, #1) by John Ringo
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

When a 60 kiloton nuclear explosion destroys the University of Central Florida, terrorism is the first suspect. But terrorists don’t generally leave doorways to another world in their wake. Or, rather, a generator of doorways to multiple other worlds.

I’ve read quite a few books by John Ringo and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve liked pretty much all of them. This one however, I was not as thrilled about as I usually am. Now, it is quite probable that I am somewhat biased from the start.

The author makes frequent references to CERN and more specifically, is basing most of his story on the Higgs Boson. Since I am an engineer at CERN I’m somewhat sensitive to bullshit about these subjects and unfortunately John Ringo’s depiction of Higgs Bosons is indeed utter bullshit. Christ, he could not even get his basic facts rights. For instance, he talks about scientists trying to create Higgs Bosons, specifically, using linear accelerators. The CERN accelerator is a circular one. If you want to create science fiction then create it but do not rewrite known science and facts. It’s just ignorant not to mention arrogant towards the readers.

Okay, so now I’ve had my gripe about this. I understand that for a lot of people Higgs Bosons and CERN is mostly exotic terms and they probably do not have the bias that I have. The book is really still very much in the John Ringo style. The dialogs between people are fun as usual. The action is plentiful and fairly well done. At time I felt it went a bit too much into mysterious la-la land though. Still, if you generally like John Ringo and do not have the bias I have, then you would probably like this book as well. I’m afraid I cannot bring myself to give it more than a, barely, average rating though.

Having said that, although I wasn’t as thrilled with this one as I usually am with John Ringo’s works I will definitely read, at least, the next one in the series as well.

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