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Exit Humanity – Not the usual zombie stuff

Exit HumanityExit Humanity by John Geddes on Blu-ray
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

A decade after the American Civil War, Edward Young returns home from a hunting trip to find a horrific reanimation of his wife and that their son Adam has disappeared. He must battle his way through an unexplainable outbreak of the walking dead.

If you start to watch this film expecting it to be another zombie flick you are going to be disappointed. You are more than likely going to find the movie boring and the special effects very poor.

It is however far from being yet another cheap zombie movie with a poor script and poor implementation. As a movie it is actually a reasonably well done one. It is, however, more a movie about one mans journey, both physically and psychologically, through a zombie outbreak which kills his wife and son.

The movie is certainly a low budget one. The zombies are actors with some grey and white make-up with some added tomato ketchup for effect. There’s actually quite few persons in the entire movie and it all takes place in a small outdoor setting. I’m tempted to say that the movie is a project of a reasonably talented motion arts student.

The movie is far from a bad one. It’s not really what I expected though and I have to admit that I did find it to be a bit on the boring side at times. The fact that it got 5 stars is mostly because of it’s pure cinematic qualities.

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