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Lieutenant – The story continues…

Lieutenant (The David Birkenhead Series, #3) by Phil Guesz
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

In this third volume of the David Birkenhead series, David Birkenhead, former slave and recent Academy graduate, finds himself defending a deserted outpost against overwhelming odds. Following a rabbit into a brier-patch isn’t a good idea, however, and David has salvaged weapons, a fortified position, and a crew of loyal but untrained slavebunnies, pitted against the full might of the Empire.

David’s superior officers are incompetent or worse. The guns don’t work. His only effective troops are illiterate slavebunnies. No one would reasonably expect an officer in his position to hold out against a major Imperial offensive for as long as five minutes.

This is pretty much a direct continuation of the previous book in the series. Actually I am almost tempted to call them short stories instead of books since they are so…short. I almost wrote my previous review as a review of both the previous one and this one since I finished both in two evenings.

As with the previous ones I quite liked it. Actually I like them more and more even though I still have some serious gripe about the rabbit stuff. It’s such a shame that the author got this silly idea. In this book it actually annoyed me more than the previous ones since the story contains an episode of food shortages and actually discusses rabbit digestive systems. Apparently the author is either ignorant about the digestive system of a rabbit or chose to “forget” certain details. Especially the process called cecotrophy. You have to look that one up yourselves in case you’re reading this close to a meal time (in which case you would want to wait) by the way.

Otherwise I think this book was the best one so far. It of course starts off with him being screwed buy the political manipulators and back stabbers. His assignment is nevertheless a rather unusual twist and a fairly enjoyable read. Said back stabbers of course think that they have disposed of David for good but it doesn’t take long until he gets into quite some action and, not surprisingly, comes out on top. Not only that but he deals with at least one of the worthless human “officers” in a quite satisfactory way.

So again a nice read despite my main gripe with it.

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