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The End of Time – Very good but…

The End of TimeThe End of Time (Lens of Time, #4) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Earth and its Minor Allies have defeated the first fleet of warships sent against them but now the Majors are planning to combine their forces. If that happens, no one will survive the massive fleets moving against them. What neither side of the struggle knows is that both warring parties have been designated for destruction by an ancient enemy that has never tasted defeated. The action continues in The End of Time as Earth continues the struggle to survive the overwhelming forces arrayed against it. Could this be the end of time for the warriors fighting for survival.

This book is the fourth and final (maybe?) book in the Lens of Time series by Saxon Andrew. As with all other books that I have read of this author I quite liked the book but it has to be said to be a book for the younger audience or at least for someone young in mind since the story is, at times, very simplistic.

As per usual this is a book about civilizations slugging it out in space and fighting for survival. Massive armadas of space ships go head to head blowing each other up as well as a few million planets in the process. I really like this aspect of these books.

However, also as per usual, a lot of the story is really simplistic. Perhaps a bit too simplistic. I do especially have a problem with how easily most of the bad guys see the “errors of their ways” and convert from killing everything in sight to become best buddies and fierce believers in the “right way”. The scientific advancements are also taking place at a unbelievable pace, the science is not very “scientific” and the battles are magnificently explosive but not very detailed nor very realistic. This is not specific for this book but more or less the same for all of Saxon Andrew’s works.

Having said that, I really do like the books of Saxon Andrew. Especially when I’m in the mood for a light, youthful, read full of heroes and action. The mood of these books are refreshingly positive after all and the good guys do win.

I would have said that this was the last one in the series given the conclusion of the book but on the last pages they seem to indicate that there will be another one. I’m not sure if that is correct or it’s simply the next one in Ashes of the Realm that have been put under the wrong heading. Remains to be seen.

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